Our customers and partners

Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation

Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation, previously known as LOVAT, manufactures tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for the global market.


One of the largest building and industrial holdings in Russia.

Lechler GmbH

A leading European manufacturer of nozzles and spraying systems.

Tacs GmbH

Tacs GmbH - Specialist for Tunnel Guidance Systems


The leading enterprise of Tatarstan in the sphere of construction of tunnels and underground.

NFM Technologies

NFM Technologies designs and manufactures high technical added value equipment and systems for the defense/aeronautics, nuclear, oil/gas, underground works (tunneling machines), heavy industry and major structures markets.

Albacor Shipping

Albacor Shipping Inc. is a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto holding the leading positions in North America for transportation of oversized and heavy lift cargo.